VISAYA 第5巻2号

商品名 VISAYA 第5巻2号
商品番号 gy_150
価格 ¥4700 (税込)
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カラー 87頁 2019年3月

Huang, S. & Fu, I.: Description of One New Margaritidae and Three New Calliostomatidae from Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines (Mollusca: Gastropoda).
Dekkers, A. M., Maxwell, S. J. & Congdon, B. C.: A New Terebellum (Gastropoda: Seraphsidae) from the Central Philippines.
Cecalupo, A. & Perugia, I.: New Species of Cerithiopsidae from the Philippines and Samoa Islands (Caenogastropoda: Triphoroidea).
Huang, S. & Huang, Y.: Babelomurex meimiaoae n. sp. from Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines (Mollusca: Gastropoda, Muricidae).
Salisbury, R.: Two New Pusia Species (Gastropoda: Costellariidae) from Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands.
Poppe, G. T.: About the Conidae from the Mactan Channel and Related Species [Conus olangoensis, Conus gattegnoi, Conus geeraertsi].
Huang, S. & Lin, M.: New Colubrariidae and Nomenclatural Remarks on Metula from the Indo-Pacific Ocean (Mollusca: Gastropoda).
Okon, M. E.: 'apices' II. Cecalupo, A. & Perugia, I.: Errata: New Species of Cerithiopsidae (Gastropoda: Triphoroidea) from Papua New Guinea (Pacific Ocean).
New taxa: Callogaza nubelevus n. sp., Calliostoma apicisuperi n. sp., Calliostoma lui n. sp., Calliostoma hungi n. sp., Terebellum simoni n. sp., Clathropsis chinoi n. sp., Seila sarinoae n. sp., Seila samoaensis n. sp., Babelomurex meimiaoae n. sp., Vexillum (Pusia) jeanetteae n. sp., Vexillum (Pusia) johnsoni n. sp., Axifex n. gen., Cyclimetula n. gen., Colubraria acroincisa n. sp., Colubraria ralliserra n. sp., Axifex retis n. sp., Metula agaoensis n. sp., Metula mozambicana n. sp., Metula eureka n. sp., Cyclimetula hsui n. sp., Cyclimetula altior n. sp.