The Festivus Vol.50 (3)

商品名 The Festivus Vol.50 (3)
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カラー 76頁    2018年         

Berschauer, D. P., Petuch, E. J. & Clark, R. N.: A New Species of Forreria (Gastropoda: Muricidae: Ocenebrinae) from the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
Parsons, J.: A new subspecies of Amphidromus (Amphidromus) capistratus von Martens, 1903 from Sabah, Malaysia. Dekkers, A. M. & Maxwell, S. J.: A Putative Inter-Generic Hybrid Between Conomurex Fischer and Gibberulus Jousseaume (Gastropoda: Strombidae) from South Africa.
Petuch, E. J. & Berschauer, D. P.: A New Lautoconus Species Radiation from Gambia, West Africa. Munoz Sánchez, B. J. & Munoz Sánchez, J. M.: Further Additions to the Knowledge of the Reproduction of Zonaria pyrum insularum var. nigromarginata (Deprez & Govaert 2009) in the Atlantic and Western Mediterranean Coast of Spain.
Bertsch, H.: A History of People, Slugs and Type Localities at Bahía de los Ángeles, Gulf of California: Some Recollections.
Dick, A. A.: The Seychelles - Our Amazing Indian Ocean Adventure.
New taxa: Forreria corteziana n. sp., Amphidromus capistratus chuai n. sp., Lautoconus fernandi n. sp., Lautoconus gambiensis n. sp., Lautoconus rikae n. sp., Lautoconus wolof n. sp.